Data Visualization Methods

for Transportation Agencies

Welcome to Vizguide! This website is intended as a resource for transportation professionals who want to use illustrations and visualizations to communicate their ideas to an audience. You might associate visualization with complicated things like interactive animated websites and 3D models of major projects – and you might know how to build those things – but visualizations also include things like bar charts, maps, and even specially formatted text or numbers. Used well, it can make a strong impression. Click on one of the areas below to get started!

Cambridge Systematics, Inc. produced this website and a written report for NCHRP 08-36 Task 128 – Data Visualization Methods for Transportation Agencies. We will maintain the website until July of 2017.


Need some inspiration? We’ve organized some high-quality and effective visualizations for some of your common tasks, with suggestions on how you can replicate them.


When you’re making visualizations, do you feel lost? Click on one of the steps below for tips. You can work through the process from beginning-to-end, or you can jump in wherever you are.


The most effective visualizations for communicating your message are the ones with which people are familiar. Each of the chart types below include examples, variations, and tips for use.


Your style may be largely out of your control as you obey your agencies or clients. We’ve curated some tips that apply no matter what, including how to comply with Federal guidelines.


A great visualization shouldn’t stay in your head. Here are some of the most common and well-liked tools for creating visualizations at all levels of complexity, including tips and tricks.


Still curious about how to proceed with visualizing your story? We’ve accumulated resources for you as you design, build, and implement your vision, in-print or online.

Interactive visualizations that you should use today
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